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A Wise Move

A Wise Move

Many years ago, my Mum suffered two strokes which left her able to speak only in a very limited manner. At times I felt powerless to communicate with her which, as we had had a very chatty relationship, was hard to come to terms with. So when, after she died, I saw an advert for volunteers for TALK, I decided to join and have never regretted my decision. Little did I know how vital the knowledge I’ve gained would be.

Earlier this year my husband had a stroke and as soon as we realised what was happening I called an ambulance and he was in the Royal Surrey

County Hospital within an hour of the event and under the care of the stroke team.

Those first three hours are vital to minimise the effects of a stroke. His speech is unaffected but he has a weakness on his left side, especially his hand. The temptation, when he came home was to try and do everything for him – big mistake! I quickly came to the decision, and agreed with him, that I would only intervene when I was asked to. He is very determined to regain his mobility and has been aided enormously by the support we received from the physiotherapist, occupational therapist and nurse who visited on a weekly basis when he came home. We also found that a sense of humour is probably one of the most important factors to help in returning to normal living.
Gill Porter